The Italian Ambassador to the Court of St James
The British Ambassador to the Quirinale

The Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH, PC
Chancellor of the University of Oxford

Honorary Presidents
Prof. David Clary FRS
Mr David Rowe
Mr Richard Gadeselli

Prof. Martin McLaughlin, Magdalen College, Oxford

Dott.ssa Luciana John, Oxford

Spencer Gray

Treasurer and Curator of the Rowe Trust
Dott.ssa Luciana John, Oxford

Membership Secretary
Mr Dante Ceruolo

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Retired Chairman John Woodhouse
At the AGM in November 2010 the announcement was made of the retirement of TOIA Chairman of 20 years, John Woodhouse. John not only founded TOIA in 1990 (to celebrate the Agnelli Foundation endowment re-establishing the defunct Chair of Italian, and to fill a local need for a cultural association for people interested in Italian life), but was very much a ‘hands-on’ Chairman over the years.

New Chair Martin McLaughlin
In February 2011 TOIA welcomed Martin McLaughlin as its new Chairman. He is Fiat-Serena Professor of Italian Studies in the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Magdalen College. Martin has already taken on the administration of the annual Dorothy Rowe Memorial Lecture held in Magdalen College each autumn, and was himself the most recent Rowe Lecturer.

His Chairmanship will maintain and carry forward TOIA’s close connection with the University in general, as well as with Italian Studies at Oxford in particular.

Martin is an expert on Dante, and on Italian Renaissance Literature and its great writers, though his interests range widely. He has written and lectured on – among other topics – Italo Calvino, the Pre-Raphaelites and Italian literature, Baron Corvo, and the relationship of the film to literature.


Clara Florio Cooper Memorial Bursaries

The Oxford Italian Association invites applications for open bursaries set up by family, friends and colleagues to commemorate the life and work of Clara Florio Cooper (1947-2004).  This year it is intended to offer two annual awards out of a total sum of £1,500.  The judges are free to divide this, as in previous years, into two larger bursaries of £600 each plus up to three smaller top-up grants (of £100), but they are also free to divide the sum in a different way depending on the quality of applications received.  The large bursaries are intended to promote graduate research into aspects of Italian culture (including, for instance, travel to consult manuscripts in Italian archives).  The smaller top-up grants are intended for graduates specifically based in Oxford and working on Italian culture.

Applications should include a brief curriculum vitae, with an e-mail contact address, an outline of the research proposed (on no more than one page of A4), and a letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor, and should be sent to Dante Ceruolo via email: [email protected]The closing date is 14 June 2019.

Courses and other study opportunities

Courses, study weeks, trips to Italy and other activities are organised from time to time. Please contact the Secretary at [email protected] or use the form on the Contact page.